Dreams come true is a song by Beatrix Ramosaj. The Shqip version of the song is called Endrrat behen realitet.

Performance Edit

Contest Edition Country Final
Ourvision Song Contest #3 Albania Albania 5

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Listen on Youtube
Listen on Youtube (Shqip)

Albania Albania in OVSC
1. Në pasqyrë 2. Sa e shite zemren 3. Dreams come true 4. Dangerously In Love 5. Idolize me 6. Vetem Mua

7. Warpath 8. Cash 9. Milionere e pare 10. Kalle mos ta nin 11. Kur nje dite te kthehesh ti 14. Origjinale 19. Dy shoke

Kosovo Kosovo in TVC
2. Dreams come true 3. I Love It 4. Endrra Ime 11. Holla at me 12. Nën Kontroll 20. R.I.P 23. How We Do (Party)
25. I Asaj
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