Cyprus, Song of the Decade, also referred to as Cypriot Song of the Decade or Cypriot SotD is a national special edition of OVSC, Song of the Decade. Cyprus was the fourth country to host a Song of the Decade special edition for OVSC. The first edition started during the final of the 27th edition. The first 10 Cypriot entries in OVSC participated. One of them had won CY Vision and the other 9 had been submitted directly to OVSC, which 5 of them were submitted by the host of the special edition, DimitrisLoveIvi.

1st edition Edit

Dimitris decided to start the national special edition during the final of the OVSC 27.

Edition Artist Song Place Points OVSC
#2 Nikki Ponte "Hey You" 08 48 9
#3 Eleftheria Eleftheriou "Tables are Turning" 03 85 6
#4 Stavento ft. Ivi Adamou "San Erthi I Mera" 10 42 8 (SF)
#5 Ivi Adamou "The Queen" 05 65 7
#6 Housetwins ft. Elle "Never" 06 61 13
#7 Ivi Adamou "Tis Agapis Ta Thimata" 07 51 8
#8 Ivi Adamou "Crashing Down" 02 94 8
#9 Michalis Hatzigiannis "To Kalokairi Mou" 09 46 13 (SF)
#10 Ivi Adamou "Sose Me" 01 123 9
#13 Ivi Adamou "Voltes St Asteria" 04 81 15 (SF)
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