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September 10th, 2013


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Creative Song Contest (abbreviated CSC) is a song contest on Facebook. The contest is hosted by Tom Escily.

Rules & special notesEdit

  • The voting is in Eurovision style (12, 10, 8 points to your top 3; 1-7 points to the rest of your top 10).
  • Songs which participated in the Eurovision Song Contest or the Junior Song Contest aren't able to participate in this contest.
  • Covers are allowed. However, the lyrics has to be different from the original version.
  • Votes will be only counted if they are from a Facebook PM.
  • Send your entry via a Facebook PM.
  • You must vote if you participate in an edition. If you don't vote, you'll be disqualified.
  • A disqualified song can be used again in another edition.
  • A disqualified user is not allowed to take part in the next edition.
  • Everyone & every worldwide recognised country is able to participate.
  • Artists must have at least any relations to the country which they represent. (For example: Lady Gaga isn't able to participate for Sweden Sweden, because she hasn't any connections to this country).
  • You have your country for only 1 edition.
  • You could only send 1 song each edition, except if you have won the previous edition; then you could send an extra entry.
  • The recaps & results will be uploaded at the YouTube channel TomEurovision.
  • Don't cheat.
  • If you have any questions; ask Tom Escily (Facebook). Your questions will always be answered.
  • Have fun!

Numbers & pages of editionsEdit

Currently the Creative Song Contest knows 37 editions. Click in the table on the number of the edition to see its own page.

CSC Editions

Winners (countries)Edit

Edition Country Artist Song Points
#1 (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Denmark Denmark Aura Dione "Geronimo" 90
#2 (Herning, Denmark) Sweden Sweden Agnes "Release Me" 107
#3 (Vänersborg, Sweden) Portugal Portugal Katy Perry ft. Kanye West "E.T." 67
#4 (Lisbon, Portugal) France France David Guetta ft. Sia "Titanium" 88
#5 (Paris, France) USA United States Katy Perry "Unconditionally" 102
#6 (Chicago, United States) Ukraine Ukraine Ani Lorak "Obnimi Menya" 103
#7 (Kiev, Ukraine) Colombia Colombia Shakira "Nunca Me Acuerdo De Olvidarte" 108
#8 (Medellín, Colombia) Luxembourg Luxembourg Cascada "Blink" 95
#9 (Luxembourg City, Luxembourg) USA United States Ariana Grande ft. Zedd "Break Free" 125
#10 (Honolulu, United States) Romania Romania Christina Grimmie "I Bet You Don't Curse God" 104
#11 (Brasov, Romania) Iran Iran Mahan Moin "Azizami" 102
#12 (Tehran, Iran) Ireland Ireland Brian McFadden ft. Delta Goodrem "Mistakes" 105
#13 (Dublin, Ireland) Sweden Sweden Erika Selin "Break Me Up" 100
#14 (Gothenburg, Sweden) Norway Norway Alan Walker "Faded" 124
#15 (Oslo, Norway) Netherlands Netherlands Within Temptation "Angels" 96
#16 (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Italy Italy Francesca Michielin "L'amore Esiste" 110
#17 (Trento, Italy) Portugal Portugal Catarina Pereira "Mea Culpa" 123
#18 (Funchal, Portugal) Sweden Sweden Oscar Zia "Human" 99
#19 (Luleå, Sweden) Ireland Ireland The Saturdays "What About Us?" 99
#20 (Dublin, Ireland) Sweden Sweden Ace Wilder "Don't Worry" 113
#21 (Visby, Sweden) USA United States Katy Perry "Wide Awake" 103
#22 (Miami, United States) United Kingdom United Kingdom Clean Bandit ft. Louisa Johnson "Tears" 104
#23 (London, United Kingdom) Ireland Ireland The Script ft. "Hall Of Fame" 109
#24 (Dublin, Ireland) Iceland Iceland Of Monsters And Men "Little Talks" 131
#25 (Reykjavík, Iceland) Slovenia Slovenia Maraaya "Lovin' Me" 134
#26 (Ljubljana, Slovenia) USA United States Fall Out Boy "Centuries" 134
#27 (Evanston, United States) Estonia Estonia Cartoon ft. Jüri Pootsmann "I Remember U" 158
#28 (Tallinn, Estonia) United Kingdom United Kingdom Adele "Someone Like You" 140
#29 (London, United Kingdom) Finland Finland Emma "Circle Of Light" 105
#30 (Helsinki, Finland) Morocco Morocco Loreen "Statements" 118
#31 (Tangiers, Morocco) Sweden Sweden Mariette "A Million Years" 111
#32 (Uppsala, Sweden) Estonia Estonia Elina Born "In Or Out" 99
#33 (Tallinn, Estonia) Tunisia Tunisia Myrath "Believer" 116
#34 (Sfax, Tunisia) Lebanon Lebanon MIKA "Relax, Take It Easy" 103
#35 (Beirut, Lebanon) Norway Norway Ammunition "Wrecking Crew" 110
#36 (Hamar, Norway) Sweden Sweden Jon Henrik Fjällgren ft. Aninia "En Värld Full Av Strider" 116
#37 (Åre, Sweden) Switzerland Switzerland Stefanie Heinzmann "In The End" 110
#38 (Bern, Switzerland) Bulgaria Bulgaria Kristian Kostov "Ne si za men" 110
#39 (Sofia, Bulgaria) Turkey Turkey Derya Uluğ "Canavar" 110
#40 (Antalya, Turkey) Italy Italy Francesca Michielin "Vulcano"
#41 (Rome, Italy) Romania Romania Smiley "Acasa"

Winners (users)Edit

Edition User Runner-up 3rd
#1 (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Spain ESCAlexSP Greece Jimmys1113 Slovakia ESCfan13
#2 (Herning, Denmark) Germany Niki Voß Greece Αποστόλης Καραμπίνας Estonia TheMAHMusic
#3 (Vänersborg, Sweden) Romania MrEurovisionTVR Hungary TheMozask Spain Adrià Puigdemont
#4 (Lisbon, Portugal) Hungary TheMozask Bulgaria MegaSkyDreams Romania MrEurovisionTVR
#5 (Paris, France) Germany RanbornLP Bulgaria Airliner Asi Bulgaria MegaSkyDreams
#6 (Chicago, United States) Germany RanbornLP
#7 (Kiev, Ukraine) Estonia TheMAHMusic Hungary TheMozask
#8 (Medellín, Colombia) Romania MrEurovisionTVR Spain Adrià Puigdemont
#9 (Luxembourg City, Luxembourg) Germany antoncrazy1998 Bulgaria Airliner Asi Germany Niki Voß
#10 (Honolulu, United States) Israel MaccabiGirl Norway ESCTobbz Greece MrEuroVoice
#11 (Brasov, Romania) Greece Αποστόλης Καραμπίνας Greece MrEuroVoice Spain Adrià Puigdemont
#12 (Tehran, Iran) France Blandine Bardera Israel MaccabiGirl Poland m2003real
#13 (Dublin, Ireland) Germany Niki Voß Norway ESCTobbz
#14 (Gothenburg, Sweden) Greece Γιάννης Χόνδρος Italy Andrea Cristofolini Spain Diego Lobato
#15 (Oslo, Norway) Romania Gabi Olteanu Greece Γιάννης Χόνδρος
#16 (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Spain Jesus Santamaria Rodriguez United Kingdom Jack Ashley-price
#17 (Trento, Italy) Italy Andrea Cristofolini Canada Chanel Malik Cuba Facundo Sublatti
#18 (Funchal, Portugal) United Kingdom Jack Ashley-price Romania Gabi Olteanu Portugal Diogo Santos
#19 (Luleå, Sweden) Argentina Adrián Suarez Cuba Facundo Sublatti Italy Andrea Cristofolini
#20 (Dublin, Ireland) Italy Martina Berti Netherlands Robert ten Haken United Kingdom Jack Ashley-price
#21 (Visby, Sweden) Netherlands Robert ten Haken Canada Hannah Aaboe Argentina Adrián Suarez
#22 (Miami, United States) Turkey Ulaş Güneş Netherlands Robert ten Haken Cuba Facundo Sublatti
#23 (London, United Kingdom) Tunisia Mähdi Ben Othmen Sweden Frida Lindqvist
#24 (Dublin, Ireland) Denmark Niels Ture Holm Grønlund Turkey Ulaş Güneş Italy Andrea Cristofolini
#25 (Reykjavík, Iceland) Italy Andrea Cristofolini Turkey Oğulcan Aydokan
#26 (Ljubljana, Slovenia) Canada Chanel Malik Romania Jinx Voorhees Turkey Ulaş Güneş
#27 (Evanston, United States) Netherlands Tom Escily Turkey Ulaş Güneş Denmark Niels Ture Holm Grønlund
#28 (Tallinn, Estonia) Denmark Niels Ture Holm Grønlund Netherlands Robert ten Haken United Kingdom Jack Ashley-price
#29 (London, United Kingdom) Netherlands Robert ten Haken Romania Gabi Olteanu Denmark Niels Ture Holm Grønlund
#30 (Helsinki, Finland) Tunisia Adel Cherny Romania Jinx Voorhees Tunisia Mähdi Ben Othmen
#31 (Tangiers, Morocco) Turkey Oğulcan Aydokan Albania Gentrit Kastrati Spain Jesus Santamaria Rodriguez
#32 (Uppsala, Sweden) United Kingdom Andrew Daniel Vaughan Hungary Barnabas Mike Italy Andrea Cristofolini
#33 (Tallinn, Estonia) Netherlands Antwan van Meenen Romania Gabi Olteanu Netherlands Robert ten Haken
#34 (Sfax, Tunisia) Netherlands Joeri Groen Canada Chanel Malik United Kingdom Paul Entwistle
#35 (Beirut, Lebanon) Latvia Karins Mimmon Martin Simanis Portugal Miguel Ribeiro Lithuania Viltė Subačiūtė
#36 (Hamar, Norway) Netherlands Joeri Groen Tunisia Mähdi Ben Othmen Netherlands Antwan van Meenen
#37 (Åre, Sweden) Romania Jinx Voorhees Estonia Edwin Taivas

Victories by countryEdit

Place Country Amount of victories
1 Sweden Sweden 6 (#2, #13, #18, #20, #31, #36)
2 USA United States 4 (#5#9#21, #26)
3 Ireland Ireland 3 (#12, #19, #23)
Estonia Estonia 2 (#27, #32)
Norway Norway 2 (#14, #35)
Portugal Portugal 2 (#3, #17)
United Kingdom United Kingdom 2 (#22, #28)
8 Colombia Colombia 1 (#7)
Denmark Denmark 1 (#1)
Finland Finland 1 (#29)
France France 1 (#4)
Iceland Iceland 1 (#24)
Iran Iran 1 (#11)
Italy Italy 1 (#16)
Lebanon Lebanon 1 (#34)
Luxembourg Luxembourg 1 (#8)
Morocco Morocco 1 (#30)
Netherlands Netherlands 1 (#15)
Romania Romania 1 (#10)
Slovenia Slovenia 1 (#25)
Switzerland Switzerland 1 (#37)
Tunisia Tunisia 1 (#33)


If a user won an edition, the user has some opportunities for the next edition. One of the opportunities after a victory is that the user may invent the slogan for the next edition.

Exceptions were in the first and twelfth edition. In the first edition there wasn't a winner before and the host chose the slogan. In the twelfth edition the winner couldn't think of a slogan and therefore the host invented a slogan himself, which was agreed on by the previous winner of that edition.

Here below you could find a list of every slogan of the editions of the Creative Song Contest.

Edition Slogan
#1 (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Know The Music!
#2 (Herning, Denmark) Fill The Music With Teardrops
#3 (Vänersborg, Sweden) Make Your Spirit, Move In!
#4 (Lisbon, Portugal) Two For One
#5 (Paris, France) Share Your Emotions!
#6 (Chicago, United States) Enjoy The Feeling
#7 (Kiev, Ukraine) Feel The Warm Side Of Ice
#8 (Medellín, Colombia) We Are The Gift Of Nature
#9 (Luxembourg City, Luxembourg) Fight For Love
#10 (Honolulu, United States) Reach For The Best
#11 (Brasov, Romania) Please Don't Stop The Music
#12 (Tehran, Iran) Let The Music Fly
#13 (Dublin, Ireland) Let The Creativity Be Yours
#14 (Gothenburg, Sweden) Together We Are Strong
#15 (Oslo, Norway) Sound Of Silence
#16 (Amsterdam, Netherlands) United
#17 (Trento, Italy) Make Your Dreams Fly
#18 (Funchal, Portugal) Make The Impossible Possible
#19 (Luleå, Sweden) Never Stop Dreaming
#20 (Dublin, Ireland) Make It Happen
#21 (Visby, Sweden) Believe In Dreams
#22 (Miami, United States) Feel The Love
#23 (London, United Kingdom) Spread Your Wings
#24 (Dublin, Ireland) You Can Be The Best
#25 (Reykjavík, Iceland) Discover Your Power
#26 (Ljubljana, Slovenia) It's All About The Music
#27 (Evanston, United States) Live While We're Living
#28 (Tallinn, Estonia) The Joy Of Music
#29 (London, United Kingdom) Together As One
#30 (Helsinki, Finland) Don't Stop Believing
#31 (Tangiers, Morocco) All Around The World
#32 (Uppsala, Sweden) We Can Be The Same
#33 (Tallinn, Estonia) Are You In Or Out?
#34 (Sfax, Tunisia) Believe!
#35 (Beirut, Lebanon) Cultural Celebration
#36 (Hamar, Norway) Spread Love Like A Violence
#37 (Åre, Sweden) Celebrate Through A Bonfire

WildCard BattlesEdit

Wildcard battles were introduced in the twenty-first edition of Creative Song Contest. It was introduced to try and give underrated songs another chance at getting to the final.

Edition Country Artist Song Votes Opponent country Margin
#21 Morocco Morocco Saad Lamjarred "Ghaltana" 6 Czech Republic Czech Republic 1
#22 Estonia Estonia Kerli "Diamond Hard" 9 Russia Russia 2
#23 Finland Finland Pasi Heinonen "Poju-Poika Saunoo" 8 Seychelles Seychelles 4
#24 Philippines Philippines The Juans "Binibini Sa MRT" 8 Tunisia Tunisia 3
#25 Romania Romania Havana "Vita Bella" 10 Mexico Mexico 4
#26 Italy Italy MinaCelentano "Amami Amami" 8 Slovenia Slovenia 4
#27 San Marino San Marino Marika "Un Selfie A Mezzanotte" 12 Argentina Argentina 5
#28 Ghana Ghana Fuse ODG ft. Wyclef Jean "Antenna" 11 Uruguay Uruguay 3
#29 Lithuania Lithuania Naktinės Personos "Kelyje" 8 Algeria Algeria 2
#30 China China Hua Chenyu "Aliens" 8 Thailand Thailand 1
#31 Greece Greece Eleni Foureira ft. Mike "Ti Koitas" 9 Russia Russia 6
#32 Austria Austria The Makemakes "The Lovercall" 8 Uganda Uganda 1
#33 Estonia Estonia Ivo Linna "Suur Lotteri" 12 Bulgaria Bulgaria 6
#34 Iran Iran Eendo "Boro Vasat" 9 Algeria Algeria 1
#35 Japan Japan LiSA "Oath Sign" 8 Tanzania Tanzania 2
#36 Ireland Ireland We Are The Fallen "St. John" 8 Serbia Serbia 5
#37 Denmark Denmark Anti Social Media "More Than A Friend" 13 Bulgaria Bulgaria 8
#38 Estonia Estonia Elina Born "Mystery" 13 Sweden Sweden 8
#39 Iran Iran Rox "My Baby Left Me" 13 USA United States 8
#40 Saint Lucia St. Lucia Chris Brown "With You" 13 Finland Finland 8
#41 Canada Canada Justin Bieber feat. Big Sean "As Long As You Love Me" 13 Serbia Serbia 8
#42 Guatemala Guatemala Soluna Samay "Come Again (The Quetzal)" 13 Sweden Sweden 8
#43 Barbados Barbados Rihanna "Where Have You Been" 13 Egypt Egypt 8
#44 Sweden Sweden Mimmi Sanden "Du" 13 Taiwan Taiwan 8
#45 Czech Republic Czech Republic Lunetic "Vzpomiam" 13 Russia Russia 8
#46 Jamaica Jamaica Kiprich "Telephone Ting" 13 Denmark Denmark 8
#47 North Macedonia North Macedonia Kaliopi "Najmila" 13 Cuba Cuba 8

User scoreEdit

User Score
Italy Andrea Cristofolini 99
Netherlands Robert ten Haken 96
Romania Gabi Olteanu 86
United Kingdom Jack Ashley-price 76
Turkey Ulaş Güneş 71
Spain Adrià Puigdemont 70
Tunisia Mähdi Ben Othmen 67
Denmark Niels Ture Holm Grønlund 66
Romania MrEurovisionTVR 63
Hungary TheMozask 61
Canada Chanel Malik 59
Portugal Diogo Santos 55
Germany Niki Voß 53
Bulgaria Airliner Asi 51
Cuba Facundo Talhaqui 47
Argentina Adriàn Suarez 46
Netherlands Antwan van Meenen 45
Spain Jesus Santamaria Rodriguez 43
Germany RanbornLP 41
Romania Jinx Voorhees 40
Netherlands Joeri Groen 40
Spain ESCAlexSP 37
Netherlands Tom van den Bos 36
Greece Αποστόλης Καραμπίνας 36
Israel MaccabiGirl 34
Estonia Edwin Taivas 33
Estonia TheMAHMusic 32
Hungary Barnabas Mike 31
Greece MrEuroVoice 30
Germany antoncrazy1998 30
United Kingdom Andrew Daniel Vaughan 29
Philippines Kenneth Brian 29
Tunisia Adel Cherny 25
France Blandine Bardera 25
Norway ESCTobbz 24
Germany Eurovision Top 22
Turkey Oğulcan Aydokan 20
Greece Γιάννης Χόνδρος 20
Poland m2003real 19
Bulgaria MegaSkyDreams 19
Poland Oskar Brylowski 16
Italy Angelo D'Adamo 16
Spain Diego Lobato 14
Portugal Miguel Ribeiro 12
Latvia Karins Mimmon Martin Simanis 12
USA Patrick Mealey 12
Italy Martina Berti 12
United Kingdom Paul Entwistle 11
Mexico Mario Alfredo Zermeño 11
Bulgaria EurovisionAA 11
Albania Gentrit Kastrati 10
Sweden Frida Lindqvist 10
Canada Hannah Aaboe 10
Greece Jimmys1113 10
USA Carlos Robinson 9
United Kingdom John Dawton 8
Lithuania Viltė Subačiūtė 8
Ukraine アバキャン ナレキ 8
Slovakia ESCfan13 8
United Kingdom Grant Ogg 7
Philippines Joseph Cruz 7
Germany Arktosin 7
Israel Maaian Arditi 7
Lithuania sniegurackas 7
Albania Rinor Grajčevci 6
Albania Shpresim Tahiraj 6
Italy Domenico Borriello 6
Poland Michalek2905 6
United Kingdom ESCJessicaUK 6
Lithuania Inga Bociute 5
Italy Gianni Costanzo 5
Bosnia and Herzegovina Darko Marić 5
Singapore Matthew Tan 5
Spain escspain4326 5
Switzerland fabb4i2 5
Albania Olsi Hoxha 5
Albania Arben Meta 4
United Kingdom dapturner1992 4
Indonesia Andro Putranto 4
Lithuania 52silgaN 4
Poland Jakov Starkas 3
United Kingdom Sally Elizabeth Crabbe 3
Netherlands Ilias Bouabid 3
Israel Maxim Raevsky 3
United Kingdom Harvey George 2
Netherlands Bas 2
Croatia andreagomezsolis1 2
Romania MateCristianRO 2
Croatia vaneedas wall 1
Croatia 1MusicFun20131 1

1 The user has been permanently banned from the competition.

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