Claudia Faniello is a singer from MALTA,Younger sister of famous singer Fabrizio Faniello. She tried to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest for over 7 years. Her best result was 2nd place in 2008 with Sunrise and 2nd place in 2012 with Pure. Claudia is very famous in Malta and therefore is loved by the Maltese Public. She also sang a duet with the French Representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 "Anggun".


  • Echo (There is you and i)
  • I hate this song
  • Sunrise
  • Pure
  • Caravaggio
  • L-Imhabba Ghamja
  • Samsara
  • High Alert!
  • I'm Dangerous
  • Movie in my mind
  • Wild Flower
  • Guardami
  • Blue Sonata
  • I need to know
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