Celina Ree is a singer from Denmark. She has participated 6 times in the Danish Music Contest (every edition so far) and has finished in 2nd place 4 times (the 4 first times).
Celina Ree

In the first three editions (DMC 1 to 3) she participated with the song "Når Du Rør Ved Mig" and in the fourth edition (DMC 4) she participated with the song "Kortslutning". She returned for the 5th edition with "Savner dig sindssygt" and the 6th edition with "Adrenalin".

Our Vision Song Contest Edit

Celina Ree participated for Denmark in the sixteenth edition of Ourvision Song Contest with her song "Når Du Rør Ved Mig".

In the first semi-final, Celina Ree finished in 3rd place with 182 points, and therefore qualified to the final. In the Final, she ended on fifth place with 142 points in the contest out of 30 countries. Eventually, she managed to get a Hit Award with her song.

Songs Edit

All songs are from the 2008 album: "Kortslutning"

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