Asia Pacific Song Contest 1
Final Date 19 June 2017
Venue The Kyrgyz State Circus
Presenter(s) Jiidesh
Broadcaster KTRK
Entries 29
Debuting All
Returning None
Withdrawing None
System Each country award 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favorite songs
Asia Pacific Song Contest
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Asia Pacific Song Contest 1, often referred to as APSC #1, is the 1st edition of the Asiapacificvision Song Contest. To decide the host, the Asian Broadcaster Union has opened applications for countries which were interesed to host the first edition. Six Asian broadcasters (Australia, Fiji, Kyrgyzstan, Vanuatu, Japan and Iran) have showed their interest and applied. The way of chosing consisted of voting for the best logo and video presentation in a public poll, and the winner would host the first ever edition of the contest. The voting started on 4th June 2017. The results of the poll were revelead on 5th June. The Kyrgyz broadcaster has won with 2 more votes than their runner-up, Vanuatu, and therefore will host the event.

Thirty countries participated in the first edition.The winner was Kyrgyzstan with the song "I believe in U" by Jamala which scored 118 point, winning by a margin of only 9 points in front of Uzbekistan. The podium was completed by Turkey, which finished on the third place.


Bishkek or Bisjkek, is the capital and the largest city of Kyrgyzstan. Its population as of 2015 is over 930.000.

Located in North-Central Kyrgyzstan, the city lies at an elevation of about 800 m (2,600 ft).It is the cultural, industrial, and financial heart of the country. And it is the centre of Kyrgyzstan´s road network.


IMG 1055

The Kyrgyz State Circus

The Kyrgyz State Circus is a multi-purpose stadium in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. It is currently used mostly for circus events and has a capacity of 1,700. The Kyrgyz State Circus in Bishkek will host one of the biggest circus shows in the world.

The stadium was established in 1984 by Kyrgyz construction in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Since then, it has not been majorly renovated at any point, although it gets a little painting and touch up once a year. Even though the stadium was built for multi-use such as circus events, festivals, etc. Other events are usually held under a contract except ones that are organized by the government.


It was announced that twenty nine would participate in the first edition. All countries made its debut.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Japan Japan Namie Amuro "Fighter" 25 32
02 Georgia Georgia Mariko Lejava "Light it up!" 18 53
03 Fiji Fiji Brooke Fraser "Kings and queens" 7 82
04 Indonesia Indonesia Jessica Mauboy "Never be the same" 5 90
05 Cyprus Cyprus Eleftheria Eleftheriou ft. Deepcentral "Raindrops" 22 36
06 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Nigar Jamal "Broken dreams" 20 44
07 Lebanon Lebanon Nicole Saba "Hafdal ahlam" 6 86
08 Turkey Turkey Hande Ünsal "Iki cift laf" 3 98
09 South Korea South Korea BTS "Not today" 17 55
10 Yemen Yemen A-WA "Habib galbi" 21 41
11 Taiwan Taiwan Alesso x ft. Jolin Tsai "I wanna know" 12 66
12 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Kamshat Zholdybaeva "Padisha" 10 68
13 Egypt Egypt Myra Sky "Hurricane" 24 35
14 North Korea North Korea Moranbong Band "Let´s study" 27 23
15 Tajikistan Tajikistan SaMira "Bud ryadom" 19 51
16 Israel Israel Tal "Le temps qu´íl faut" 8 74
17 Iran Iran Helly Luv "Revolution" 16 61
18 Russia Russia Elena Temnikova "Bdox" 13 65
19 Vietnam Vietnam Tóc Tien "Walk away" 23 35
20 Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Jamala "I believe in you" 1 118
21 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Munisa Rizaeva "Yoringmaney" 2 109
22 Australia Australia PON CHO ft. Paige IV "Frozen" 15 61
23 Singapore Singapore Qiu Feng Ze "Is anyone out there?" 26 32
24 Armenia Armenia Sirusho "Huh-hah" 9 69
25 Vanuatu Vanuatu Vanesaa Quai "True harmony" 28 14
26 New Zealand New Zealand Lorde "Team" 4 97
27 Afghanistan Afghanistan Aryana Sayeed "Yaar-e Bamyani" 29 7
28 Philippines Philippines Sarah Geronimo "Kilometro" 11 68
29 India India Shilpa Shetty "Wedding da season" 14 64

12 Points Edit

Below is the summary of the maximum 12 points each country awarded to another:

N. Contestant Nation(s) giving 12 points
3 Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan, Yemen, Cyprus
3 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Afghanistan, Egypt, Kazakhstan
3 New Zealand New Zealand Philippines, Indonesia, Fiji
3 Indonesia Indonesia Russia, Israel, Georgia
2 Turkey Turkey South Korea, Lebanon
2 Israel Israel India, Vanuatu
2 Iran Iran Armenia, Australia
2 India India Vietnam, Japan
1 Cyprus Cyprus ROTW
1 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan New Zealand
1 Philippines Philippines Singapore
1 Georgia Georgia Uzbekistan
1 Tajikistan Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan
1 Yemen Yemen Iran
1 South Korea South Korea North Korea
1 Singapore Singapore Turkey
1 Armenia Armenia Azerbaijan

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