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AsiaPacific Song Contest, often shortened to APSC or Asia Pacific Song Contest is a song contest on Instagram held, primarily, among the member countries of the APBU (AsiaPacific Broadcasting Union) since June 2017. The contest is hosted in the account @asiapacificontest by Flag of NetherlandsFlag of Russia Mark, Flag of Greece Tasos and Flag of Spain Juan who form the APSC Team.

Each country's head of delegation gets to select an entry for each edition either by internal or national selection. Then the countries get to vote for the Grand Final to determine the winner of the edition.  


The first ever AsiaPacific Song Contest started on 3rd June 2017. It was held in the capital city of Kyrgyzstan which also was the first ever country to host the APSC. Twenty nine nations took part in the first edition each submitting one entry to the contest.


Any full member (or allowed by the APSC Team) of the APBU is allowed to send a song for the AsiaPacific Song Contest. Each full member has got a certain broadcaster that is responsible for the choice of the artists and songs the country is sending for each edition. 

Ed Countries making its debut
#1 Japan Japan, Georgia Georgia, Fiji Fiji, Indonesia Indonesia, Cyprus Cyprus, Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, Lebanon Lebanon, Turkey Turkey, South Korea South Korea, Yemen Yemen, Taiwan Taiwan, Kazakhstan Kazakhstan, Egypt Egypt, North Korea North Korea,

Tajikistan Tajikistan, Israel Israel, Iran Iran, Russia Russia, Vietnam Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan Uzbekistan, Australia Australia, Singapore Singapore, Armenia Armenia, Vanuatu Vanuatu, New Zealand New Zealand, Afghanistan Afghanistan, Philippines Philippines, India India

#2 China China, Jordan Jordan, Kuwait Kuwait,Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, Thailand Thailand
#3 Hong Kong Hong Kong, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan Turkmenistan, Timor-Leste Timor-Leste, Guam flag Guam, Myanmar Myanmar, Pakistan Pakistan, Palestine Palestine, Iraq Iraq, Tahiti Tahiti, Bahrain Bahrain
#4 Mongolia Mongolia, Hawaii Hawaii, Syria Syria, Samoa Samoa, Cambodia Cambodia, Malaysia Malaysia
#5 China, People's Republic of flag Macau Macau, Maldives Maldives, Qatar Qatar, Bhutan Bhutan, Cook Islands flag Cook Islands, New Caledonia New Caledonia
#6 Bangladesh Bangladesh, Nepal Nepal, Palau Palau, Tonga Tonga, Iraq Iraq
#8 Northern Cyprus Northern Cyprus
#9 Solomon Islands Solomon Islands
#11 Brunei Brunei
#14 Laos Laos, Kiribati Kiribati


Ed Country Artist Song Points Margin Runner-up &
Third place
#01 Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Jamala "I Believe In U" 118 9 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
Turkey Turkey
#02 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Saida "Chitti Gul"
"Читти гул"
146 16 Singapore Singapore
Israel Israel
#03 Taiwan Taiwan MinChen "Change"
135 10 Turkey Turkey
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
#04 South Korea South Korea Taeyeon "I" 163 0 India India
Mongolia Mongolia
#05 Tajikistan Tajikistan Manizha "Lyustra"
214 44 Australia Australia
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
#06 Georgia Georgia Cira "Hun Bun" 146 27 Afghanistan Afghanistan
South Korea South Korea
#07 Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Sheppard "Coming Home" 173 0 Turkey Turkey
Hong Kong Hong Kong
#08 Armenia Armenia Sirusho "PreGomesh"
160 16 Russia Russia
Cyprus Cyprus
#09 Russia Russia Sonya "Uhodi"
167 18 Turkey Turkey
Thailand Thailand
#10 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Luina "Hey Yo!" 137 0 Mongolia Mongolia
Taiwan Taiwan
#11 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Crystalz "Sen Sulu" 187 35 Vietnam Vietnam
South Korea South Korea
#12 Taiwan Taiwan (G)I-DLE "Hann (Alone)"
156 15 Japan Japan
Cyprus Cyprus
#13 Australia Australia PNAU "Go Bang" 172 25 Turkey Turkey
Northern Cyprus Northern Cyprus
#14 Japan Japan IZ*ONE "La Vie en Rose" 172 28 Israel Israel
India India
#15 Israel Israel Dotan "Numb" 184 33 Russia Russia
Singapore Singapore
#16 Laos Laos The Naked And Famous Higher 125 7 Armenia Armenia
Japan Japan
#17 South Korea South Korea EVERGLOW Adios 148 8 India India
Israel Israel


Ed Host city Slogan Arena Capacity Entries
#01 Flag of Kyrgyzstan Bishkek "Rising Sun" Kyrgyz State Circus 1,700 29
#02 Flag of Kyrgyzstan Osh "Asiavision" Suyumbayev Stadion 12,000 32
#03 Flag of Uzbekistan Tashkent "Gather Together" Bunyodkor Stadium 34,000 39
#04 Flag of Taiwan Taipei "Dare To Change" Taipei Arena 15,000 41
#05 Flag of South Korea Jeju City "We Are United" Jeju Stadium 20,000 42
#06 Flag of Tajikistan Dushanbe "An'Ana" State Circus Tajikistan unknown 42
#07 Flag of Georgia Tbilisi "#Enhance" Tbilisi Sports Palace 11,000 40
#08 Flag of Papua New Guinea Lae "Unity In Diversity" Sir Ignatius Kilage Sports Stadium 1,500 42
#09 Flag of Armenia Yerevan "Learn To Blossom" Demirchyan Arena 8,000 42
#10 Flag of Russia Volgograd "Rise Up!" Volgograd Arena 45,600 42
#11 Flag of Kazakhstan Almaty "Alash!" Ice Complex Almaty Arena 12,000 41
#12 Flag of Kazakhstan Aktobe "Play!" Central Stadium Aktobe 13,200 42
#13 Flag of Taiwan Kaohsiung "#IMAGINE" Chungcheng Stadium 30.000 39
#14 Flag of Australia Sydney "Go Bang" The Dome 10.000 39
#15 Flag of Japan Tokyo "Rise" Saitama Super Arena 37,000 41
#16 Flag of Israel Haifa "Mazal Tov" Sammy Ofer Stadium 35.000 39
#17 Flag of Laos Vientiane "Beyond Dreams" New Laos National Stadium 25.000 30


All countries give their points from 1-12. The country with most amount of points will win the contest.

Since the very first edition the winning country of each edition is automatically chosen to be the host of the next edition. As the host broadcaster, the heads of delegation can decide where they want to host the competition, present the logo, select the opening & closing act and other things. However if a broadcaster cannot afford to host the competition, the runner-up or the council will help out. The show would still be hosted in the winning country. The Red Carpet is usually hosted.


There are several rules of the contest in order to enter. Main rule of the contest is that the country has to officially join the AsiaPacific Broadcasting Union with a certain broadcaster before applying to enter the contest. Regarding the broadcaster, any broadcaster can be accepted by the APBU. If the head of delegation is not satisfied with the country, one can swap the countries with other users. There are also rules regarding the entries, here all the rules of the contest:

Participation Edit

  • You must have instagram to participate.
  • You can't choose a country until the confirmation has opened, if you're new you have to select one free country and wait until the confirmations are opened.
  • You must be an active user of Instagram and follow the main account; @asiapacificontest.
  • It's allowed to hold a national final in order to select your song.
  • Every edition users will be allowed to participate in the upcoming edition or withdraw, however if an user decides to withdraw or misses the confimations you won't loose your country.

Countries Edit

  • Microstates are not allowed to 'borrow' from other countries.
  • Every participant has the right to confirm the country they represented in the last edition for the upcoming edition.

Choose a song Edit

  • The song you're choosing mustn't be older than 10 years old. This also can be the latest album, single or video release.
  • Eurovision entries and covers are not allowed. Songs from a country's Eurovision national final are allowed.
  • Remixes aren't allowed unless it's used as the official version in a music video.
  • Official covers with more views on YouTube than the original song are allowed.

Artists Edit

  • The artist (solo, featuring or group member) of the chosen song must live in, born in, have strong relation or have parents who come from in the country you represent.
  • You can't choose an artist more than 3 times in a row, unless it's for a different country.
  • Disbanded groups can participate.


The voting system used in the contest has been in place since the beginning, and is a positional voting system. Each country awards one set of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs. In case of the country not being able to deliver the voting, back-up juries were used to replace it.

Presentation of votes Edit

Since the first edition, all the participating countries have been voting in the Grand Final. The results are made in a Scorewiz–themed scoreboard with the countries announcing one by one point.

There have been several ties during the contest. In case of a tie between two or more countries, the country that received points from the most countries wins the tie. However, if the countries received points from the same number of countries, the number of 12 points is counted and if they are still tied it goes on until the tie breaks. If the tie is not borken, the running order of the Final will decide the places.

All Time ResultsEdit

The All Time Results are usually posted in the Instagram account.

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