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Antarctica's Voice for Yourovision


Flag of Antarctica.png Antarctica



Voting starts

22nd June 2015

Voting ends

4th July 2015


Alexandra Joner

Antarctica's Voice for Yourovision is the fifth edition of the Voice for Yourovision. 8 songs will compete in this edition of the national final. The winner of this national final will go on to represent Antarctica in the nineteenth edition of the Yourovision Song Contest. This marks the first time that Voice for Yourovision has been used consecutively.


The voting was 50% jury and 50% fan votes. The voting method is similar to that of Eurovision, except that 15 points are rewarded to the first favourite instead of 12.

The points system looks like this:

15 points to 1st favourite
12 points to 2nd favourite
10 points to 3rd favourite
8 points to 4th favourite
7 points to 5th favourite
6 points to 6th favourite
5 points to 7th favourite
4 points to 8th favourite


Draw Artist Song Fan Votes Jury Votes Total Place
1 Alexandra Joner Cinderella 12 12 24 1st
2 Kevin, Karla y la Banda Style 8 7 15 6th
3 Robbie Williams Man for All Seasons 6 15 21 2nd
4 Britney Spears featuring Iggy Azalea Pretty Girls 5 8 13 7th
5 Zaz Je Veux 15 4 19 3rd
6 Axel Afinidad 7 10 17 4th
7 Daniel Bedingfield Gotta Get Thru This 4 5 9 8th
8 Alexander Rybak Into a Fantasy 10 6 16 5th



Antarctica's Voice for Yourovision