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Greece Greece, Loukas Giorkas - "Ematha"

Amazing Music Contest 11, often referred to as AMC 11, was the 11th edition of Amazing Music Contest. It was held in Sweden (after winning AMC 10). The winning song was Ematha performed by the greek representative of ESC 2011 Loukas Giorkas. The song won only with 4 more points than the 2nd place (Estonia). TheEscFan1, host of the contest also became the winning user. TheEscFan1 had previously won the third edition as well.

Results Edit

Place Country Artist Song Points User
1 Greece Greece Loukas Giokas "Ematha" 98 TheEscFan1
2 Estonia Estonia Liis Lemsalu "Made Up My Mind" 94 HopingAngels
3 Sweden Sweden Ulrik "Soldiers" 90 Lynxes21
4 Malta Malta Raquela "If I Could Do It All Again" 90 MrLee507
5 Iran Iran Tooji "Swan Song" 81 SanBeanzie
6 Australia Australia Marvin Priest "Own This Club" 81 MightyHawks123
7 Germany Germany Lena "Bee" 76 MrLeo1357
8 Austria Austria Charlee "Boy Like You" 72 MrGiorgos2012
9 Guatemala Guatemala Soluna Samay "Everything I Do" 67 HvdstrCBfr
10 South Korea South Korea F(x) "Nu Abo" 66 basty3eva
11 Serbia Serbia Trio Passage feat. Katarina Sotirovic "Zaukev" 65 lazarkoo
12 USA United States Emily Wells "Symphony & The Click Boom Boom" 55 Falconeggplant
13 Croatia Croatia Daria Kinzer "Stotinama Godina" 55 GVSongContest
14 Moldova Moldova Ksenya Nikora "You Better Rush" 60 patapucha
15 Portugal Portugal Adenu "Ai Se Eu Te Pego (Rock Cover)" 51 ThatWerewolfGuy
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