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October 16, 2011


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Amazing Music Contest (abbreviated AMC), is a song contest on Youtube. The contest is hosted by TheEscFan1. Amazing Music Contest is a partner contest to Globalvision Song Contest and Ourvision Song Contest. The contest had one month break after the 13th edition.

Winners Edit

Edition Winning song
AMC 1 Poland "Male rzeczy"
AMC 2 Estonia "Tea Party"
AMC 3 Turkey "Here I Am"
AMC 4 Canada "Haven't met you Yet"
AMC 5 United Kingdom "Patience"
AMC 6 United Kingdom "Skinny Genes"
AMC 7 Iceland "Hjartad Brennur"
AMC 8 Monaco "Ma Cherie"
AMC 9 Faroe Islands "Undo Your Mind"
AMC 10 Sweden "Hero"1
AMC GH Portugal "Danza Kuduro
AMC 11 Greece "Ematha"
AMC 12 Serbia "Okeani"
AMC 13 Hungary "Késõ Már"
AMC 14 Norway "Ola Nordmann"
AMC 15 Norway "Imagine"
AMC 16 Lithuania "Not Affraid"
AMC 17 Romania "Marionette"
AMC 18 Latvia "Es Gribu Vel Milet"
AMC 19 Poland "Za Kazdym Razem"
AMC 20 Greece "My Number One"1
AMC GH2 Poland "Karuzela"
AMC 21 Germany "Call Out The Sun"
AMC 22 Sweden "Let your heart be mine"
AMC 23 Czech Republic "The Show"

1 The 10th and 20th editions were special editions in which only Eurovision entries could participate.

Winning Users Edit

Edition Winning User
AMC 1 Poland Karolotti33
AMC 2 Malta MrLee507
AMC 3 Portugal TheEscFan1
AMC 4 United Kingdom SanBeanzie
AMC 5 Spain patapucha
AMC 6 USA kittybee124
AMC 7 Greece HopingAngels
AMC 8 Greece MrGiorgos2012
AMC 9 United Kingdom SanBeanzie
AMC 10 Australia MightyHawks123
AMC 11 Portugal TheEscFan1
AMC 12 Serbia Lazarkoo
AMC 13 Spain patapucha
AMC 14 Denmark HvdstrCBfr
AMC 15 United Kingdom EurovisionJess
AMC 16 Netherlands AleksxHille
AMC 17 Netherlands AleksxHille
AMC 18 USA Lynxes21
AMC 19 Poland donbagietka
AMC 20 Greece MrEuroVoice
AMC 22 Denmark HvdstrCBfr
AMC 23 Poland donbagietka

Host Cities Edit

Edition Winning song
AMC 1 Portugal Lisbon
AMC 2 Poland Warsaw
AMC 3 Estonia Tallinn
AMC 4 Turkey Istambul
AMC 5 Canada Vacouver
AMC 6 United Kingdom London
AMC 7 United Kingdom Liverpool
AMC 8 Iceland Reykjavik
AMC 9 Monaco Monaco City
AMC 10 Faroe Islands Tórshavn
AMC 11 Sweden Stockholm
AMC 12 Greece Athens
AMC 13 Serbia Belgrad
AMC 14 Hungary Budapest
AMC 15 Norway Oslo
AMC 16 Norway Bergen
AMC 17 Lithuania Vilnius
AMC 18 Romania Bucharest
AMC 19 Latvia Riga
AMC 20 Poland Lublin
AMC 21 Greece Larissa
AMC 22 Germany Berlin
AMC 23 Sweden Malmo

Highest Scoring Entries EverEdit

Place Country Artist Song Points
01 Czech Republic Czech Republic Lenka "The Show" 165
02 Norway Norway Tone Damli feat. Eric Saade "Imagine" 145
03 Poland Poland Jula "Za Kazdym Razem" 132
04 Sweden Sweden Timoteij "Ingen Ide" 122
04 Greece Greece Helena Paparizou "My Number One" 122
05 Sweden Sweden Jeny Berggren "Let your heart be mine" 121
06 Germany Germany Mandy Capristo "Hurricane" 119
06 Nepal Nepal Lykke Li "I Follow Rivers" 119
07 Latvia Latvia Jenny May Es Gribu Vel Milet 115
07 Germany Germany Roman Lob Call Out The Sun 115
08 Lithuania Lithuania GJan "Not Affaid" 112
09 Romania Romania Antonia "Marionette" 111
09 Australia Austalia Ricki Lee "World Disappears" 111
09 South Korea South Korea f(x) "Electric Shock" 111
09 Netherlands Netherlands Within Temptation "Shot in the Dark" 111
10 Monaco Monaco DJ. Antoine feat. The Beat Shakers "Ma Cherie" 110

Awards Winners Edit

Jury Award

Edition Winning song
AMC 16 Sweden "A Little Forgiveness"
AMC 17 Switzerland "See What You've Done"
AMC 18 Australia "Inescapable"
AMC 19 Slovenia "Insane"
AMC 20 Belarus "Work Your Magic

5 points Award

Edition Winning song User
AMC 16 Netherlands "Jump From A Waterfall" EurovisionJess
AMC 17 Ireland "Real To Me" HvdstrCBfr
AMC 18 United Kingdom "Cannonball" Pleaso454
AMC 19 Turkey "Cakkidi" SanBeanzie
AMC 20 North Macedonia "Crno I Belo" HopingAngels
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