Alpha Song Contest

The general logo of ASC.
Also known as ASC
Genre Song Contest
Created by Flag of Mexico.svg Daniel Salazar
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 2
Original channel EscSaldan on Facebook
Original run July 2020 – present
Status Alpha Song Contest 2
Editions 2
Number of countries 25
Number of songs 25

The Alpha Song Contest, often shortened to ASC, or Alpha, is a song contest on Youtube held among the members of the Alpha Broadcasting Union since July 2020.

Each country's head of delegation gets to select an entry for each edition either by internal or national selection.

Each country will send must vote in the corresponding semifinal. The top 10 of each semifinal qualifies for the grand final. In the final, countries must vote using the traditional system of eurovision. The country with the highest score wins the edition.



  1. The heads of the delegation may choose a real country to participate.
  2. Only recognized countries can participate. Disputed territories cannot participate.

Artist and Songs

  1. Any artist or music group can participate.
  2. The artist must have a connection to the country they represent, whether they are born, raised or have a distant origin to country.
  3. Songs released after August 1, 2019 can participate. (1 year old)
  4. Songs must not exceed 250 million views on YouTube
  5. Covers are allowed.
  6. No ESC Songs, No Nationals Finals Songs.

Send entries

To participate, it is necessary to request admission using a form intended for this. The songs must have an official video on youtube.

You can also request to join the facebook group.

Voting System

  1. The voting system scores the top 10; 12, 10, 8-1 points.


The competition consists of two phases:

  • Semifinal: A maximum of 20 countries will compete in each semifinal, the top 10 will qualify for the grand final.
  • Grand Final: 25 countries will compete in the final. The top 5 of the previous edition will obtain the right to participate directly.

(This rule will change when the contest has more than 45 participants)

Hosting Information

The winning country of the edition will obtain the right to organize the next edition. The visual identity, the recap and the playlist will be in charge of the ABU.


Edition Host Venue Theme Presenter Participants Logo
#01 Flag of Mexico.svg Monterrey BBVA Stadium United by Music Belinda
Alan Tacher
Ximena Navarrete
Cover ASC1.png
#02 Flag of Sweden.svg Malmö BBVA Stadium Love Is Everything Ellinor Bjurström
Martin Wallström
Josefin Gustafsson
Cover ASC2.png


Edition Country Artist Song Points
#01 Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden Smith and Thell Hotel Walls 143
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